QVARTZ’ mentoring programme

At QVARTZ, we want to help promising students make well-informed decisions regarding which career goals to pursue and how to achieve them – whether in management consulting or elsewhere. In our mentoring programme, you will get a personal mentor who will support, challenge and guide you in your quest to make your career dreams come true.

The programme consists of one-to-one sessions with your QVARTZ mentor as well as social events for all mentors and mentees. You are eligible to apply if you are a third-year BSc student or an MSc student. The programme will be kicked off on October 26. Submit your application at qvartz.com/career-events no later than October 1, 2017.
Please include your CV and grade transcripts. In your application, you should put strong emphasis on your motivation for getting a mentor.
If you have any questions, please contact Ida Dillekås at ida.foseid.dillekaas@qvartz.com.

Link til hvor man kan søke: https://qvartz.com/career/student-positions/

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