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Become a Maritime Trainee and discover the maritime industry
Do you want to start your career in a global industry? Apply to the Maritime Trainee program now!

Maritime Trainee, group 14, is starting in August 2021! This year’s program will last from august 2021 until May 2023. The first module will be held in January 2021. This means that companies will hire trainees either starting in August 2021 or in January 2022. The available positions will be posted consecutively throughout the year.
The program lasts for 18 months and combines working in a world leading maritime company with an academic program in Norway, Singapore and London.
Throughout the trainee period you are employed in one company. You will be part of the daily operations of this company and gain knowledge about its different operations worldwide. Some of the companies also offer you a chance to spend some time abroad, normally up to six months.

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