Turing Talent Tech Careers

Turing Talent Tech Careers Programme is a job programme designed for ambitious technologists, typically with 2-10 years work experience, who are seeking opportunities to further their careers and increase their professional development.

The programme offers our candidates a number of benefits including a full time job, access to an international peer network, a personal mentor, and one year of high potential training designed by industry leaders.

The programme is particularly focused on leadership development and is designed to accelerate your career trajectory in the technology industry.
As a successful applicant, you will:
• Find a full-time position at a world leading organisation, such as Cisco
• Join a valuable international peer network of like-minded individuals
• Learn from a personal mentor who is an established tech leader
• Enroll on a one year programme of continuous professional development designed on principles used by McKinsey, Google and Harvard Business School

Our partner Cisco is currently hiring non-technical roles in Norway through our programme. This could be especially exciting for those that want to start your careers on a strong note with a globally renowned tech company.


SØK HER: https://jobs.lever.co/turingtalent/d879630a-e55a-4e84-831e-575715164cc9

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